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Creating a Pattern Collection: Sharing your work

I am always looking for fun approaches to sharing my work that will help buyers imagine using the patterns I create on different products. You cannot always have your new designs made into something right away. So, creating a way for customers to see your designs on various products, so they can envision using them, is important for helping your designs stand out.

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Creating a Pattern Collection: Coloring & Digitizing Your Sketches

Now that you have decided on your concept for creating a seamless pattern collection, the number of patterns, created an inspiration board, and fully sketched out your ideas, you are now ready to turn your sketches into artwork. 

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Creating a pattern collection from concept to sketch

During my almost year long journey of learning new design techniques and making the decision to transition my business from an exclusive stationery shop, into a design company, I began to fall in love with surface pattern design.

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