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New Release: Wild Flora Wonders Graphics Pack

Wild Flora Wonders is inspired by a very sweet memory of my daughter playing in her grandmother’s garden on a warm spring morning. Flowers are a favorite around here, and she loved to investigate the garden to find just the right flower to pick. To me, this morning seems like just yesterday, but it was actually about 2 years ago as of writing this post.

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Woodland Floral Graphics Pack Thicket Thatch

I am not a hiker, or wilderness buff, by any means. But, 2 years ago (despite drive time freak out) all 6 of us, including Grandma, piled into our van and traveled to the Smoky Mountains National Forest in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a family reunion. I had been to Tennessee before, when I was little, but never actually into the heart of the mountains.

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