Free Mermaid Desktop Wallpapers

In preparation for the launch of my Saltwater Shores Patterns set, I created these free mermaid desktop wallpapers celebrate the new pattern designs! I created the wallpaper with elements from the pattern designs, including the detailed mermaid named Eliza, who grants wishes with her magical starfish to the schools of fish that swim by her home.

Hundreds of hand-painted elements from my original top-selling Saltwater Shores graphics set were used to make up the mermaid.

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Free Mermaid Desktop Computer Wallpapers

See the complete Saltwater Shores Pattern collection and all ten pattern designs in eighteen colorways featuring this mermaid as the centerpiece of the collection.


free mermaid desktop wallpapers

Download your screen size below!


FREE MERMAID Desktop Wallpaper Design

Free mermaid desktop wallpaper

download the MERMAID DESKTOP wallpaper

Get this design and save to your computer right from this blog post! Just choose the size that fits your screen, it will open in a new window, right click and save it.

Free Mermaid Floral Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

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