Setting the home screen & lock screen for your iphone


My new site is launching very soon, so I am updating blog posts to go with the new freebies page of my site. I love putting new iphone wallpapers on my phone that match my graphics packs, and I thought you would like to know how to set these wallpapers for your iphones.

Instructions for setting your iphone screens with the iphone wallpapers

I create my iphone wallpapers in a theme style - one to be set as your Lock Screen wallpaper, and a more neutral design to be set as your Home Screen background.

First, download the images you want for your iphone version to either your computer and email them to yourself or, using your phone, download the image for your particular phone version directly to your phone’s camera roll. If you email the images to yourself, you can also download them to your camera roll by clicking them and selecting add to camera.

Once you have your new wallpapers in your iphone’s camera roll, you can set them as your phone’s wallpapers.

To set an image as your Lock Screen or Home Screen:

Go to > Settings, then Select Wallpaper.

Then > Choose new wallpaper

Next, Select the Wallpaper you want to set as your Lock Screen. Move and scale it if needed.

Next, Select > Set

Your phone will pop up a window with choices to set as Lock Screen, Set as Home Screen, or to Set Both.

Select > Lock Screen

Repeat these same steps to set another wallpaper background style as your Home Screen, but choose Select > Home Screen as final step.