DIY Valentine Message Treat Bag Printables

Mini DIY Valentine Treat Bags

These mini DIY valentine message treat bags are fun for sharing valentine treats and to share positive words of kindness. With the spirit of love in mind for Valentine’s Day, these treat bags can be a small measure of reminding us to put kindness first.  

These mini message treat bags would also be sweet to use for birthday party treats, wedding favors, and church or school events. I designed them to be gender neutral, too.

Finished interior size is approximately 4.75 x 2.75 inches.

You can download the printable treat bag templates shown in this post at the end of the tutorial.

Paper Bag Tutorial Materials

Materials list:

Scissors High quality printer 8.5x11 inch text weight bright white printer paper Small glue stick or double sided crafter’s tape Cutting mat Ruler Scoring tool

Once you have downloaded the printable file, you can select which treat bags you want to print by printing only the pages you want in your printer dialog box. If you want to print all the colors, just print the whole document on your 8.5x11 text weight paper.


Once you have all your templates printed, you will want to score them. You can get away with not scoring if you fold them just right, but scoring makes it easier to fold accurately, and I recommend scoring for best results.

Scoring Template

Using your mat, ruler, and scoring tool, line up your ruler along scoring lines and score.

Paper Bag Tutorial Scoring

Do this for all the folding areas on the template.

paper bag scoring areas


Next, you will need to cut out your template along the outside border of the design.

paper bag tutorial cut out template


To get your mini valentine treat bags ready to glue, fold and press all scoring lines until your template looks like the one shown here.

paper bag tutorial folded


Using your glue stick or crafter’s tape, run adhesive along the the side.

paper bag tutorial glueing

Press to hold it together.

paper ba gtutorial pressed bag

Do the same for the bottom of the bag, and fold up.

paper bag tutorial folded bottom

Turn your assembled mini valentine treat bag over and fill with your favorite small candies or non- candy valentine items such as crayons.

paper bag tutorial filled with crayons

Put a dab of tape on the top flap to close. Then, choose which faux “paper tape” you want to use. There is a solid color, or a blank one you can write on. You can also accessorize your tape with glue and colored glitter, or use matching colored washi tape instead!

paper bag tutorial finished bags