Defining your purpose and inspiring others

The desire to create is inherent in our biology. Throughout the course of our lives we create in many ways. But the biological urge to give life to the world goes deeper in our brains than we can imagine. Whether it is creating a baby, a painting, or business proposal, they are all variations of this biological tendency for creation. The only difference is how, and what we create. This is why we get so attached and deeply connected to what we create. We have a word for this connection - it is called love.

Not all of us have the same desire to create in the same way. We all differ in our creativity, and that is what makes each of us unique. That is why there are so many wonderful career paths to choose from, it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide on one, or even the direction you want to go in your chosen field. Some of us are better at painting, and others are creative with cooking food. This does not mean we cannot learn those creative methods; it means we should try different ways to be creative until we discover the one that just feels right to us. When we discover the right method of creativity for ourselves, it no longer is work. It brings us joy. 

My aunt, for example, was a nurse for many many years, and she has never once described herself as creative. But, she is, in a much different way. As a nurse, she created comfort in the lives of others when they needed it most. Not only did this bring care to her patients, it brought joy and fulfillment to my aunt. This joy for her could be found in being a nurse, that is why she was good at being one and was passionate about nursing.

I have become very passionate about what I create and there is intense meaning in what I do. Because life experiences have shaped my perspective, I see the world a bit differently than some. The world, through my eyes, is beautiful and filled with stories. A day is like a string. When we wake up and pull on that string, a new string is created off of the main one; and each pull or vibration of the string is a moment. Some vibrations are more beautiful and brighter than others. The brighter the vibration, the more beautiful the moment on the string, and the desire to tell the story of that moment intensifies for me. Some strings are so bright and beautiful it would be inexcusable to not tell it's story. I am compelled to tell it, for it would be wrong to let those moments go unseen to others because of their beauty.

I share these stories in the different artwork I create. My Wild Flora collection was inspired by a moment with my daughter. I can see the moment clearly in my mind. She was sitting and picking flowers in her grandmother's garden, and had piggy tails in her hair. The sun was shining softly on her little face as she collected the flowers. This moment was such a pretty story, that I felt compelled to share it with others in a way we can all appreciate and relate. I used patterning to give the story to others to express their own creativity with the pattern whether on fabric, or other raw materials of expression. This is the heart of where I want my business to lead, and why I am the artist I have grown into today. I am drawn to patterning, because not only do my patterns tell a story in a different way, they empower the creative expression of others. My founding purpose is to empower others to share their own creativity.

Creation is beautiful to us because of our biology and the built in desire to create. It is in everything we do; is a reflection of what we believe; and our desire to belong to one another. We adore creating and pursue it so fervently it can be seen in the things we purchase, the clothing we wear, and the career paths we choose. Our career choices are just different ways of how we want to connect to each other that reflects who we are.

This post was inspired by someone who has encouraged me to talk about why I am a designer. Jamie Starcevich from Spruce Rd is an incredible brand designer, and she shared with me the importance of inspiring others, but also understanding your purpose and doing what you love.